Here at Steelpoint we’ve been given a wonderful opportunity for our two receptionists to be taught how to pierce. That includes me! Lots to learn and even though I thought that the most important and terrifying thing would be actually sticking a needle into somebody’s flesh, THAT is the quick and easy part. Everything else, like setting up (in a practical manor, where everything you need is to hand and in the right order of usage), disposing of any contaminated equipment, again, in the correct way – all of that is super important. I am very lucky to have friends who are willing for me to practice on them and here’s a plug: £10 will cover the jewellery and equipment for anybody who wouldn’t mind me practicing on them.

When I told my lovely friends that I was starting to learn one got me forceps and we named them Bruce, and another brought me a picture of an ear much like the one below. Thank you guys.

My first piercing that I’ve done were earlobes, ear cartilage, a surface piercing on one of my teachers here, just on the arm, through and through so he could observe. Tonight I pierced Trevor’s eyebrow (thank you Trev!) and he pierced my ear. It’s really good to learn WITH somebody because we can really help each other, whether it’s remembering something the other forgot (and there are a lot of little tips and tricks) or marking where the piercing should go over and over again until the dot is perfect and not smudged! Letting each other take time to concentrate and think about joining up the dots and where you want the needle to come out.

I’ve also had Mark, who is our resident piercer, show me how to set up and how he does it. It is a rush at first – a sense of achievement – doing something new I guess.

It just so happens that I have a very expressive face, I’ve been told that before, most recently by my drum teacher. So you can enjoy shots like this:

Behold my learning face.

In all honesty it was fine and Donna’s ear is healing well. She didn’t scream or anything. I have no idea why I pulled that face, thanks Gayle, for the capture.

Mostly I have created a full time job for myself sorting through jewellery though. Purchase ordering (or checking purchase orders) and organising tons of titanium by length, width and type/shape basically, is all part of the job. And all so worth it. What a fun job! So watch this space for more of mine and Trevor’s piercing experiences and funny pictures, of course. Was thinking of posting pictures of piercings we’ve done but would you guys say wait for them to heal first or show (sometimes) bloody ones?

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