Tattoo pre-care.

If there was a way to make your Tattoo quicker, less painful, look more amazing and heal faster. Would you want to know?

Of course!
A few very simple top tips:
For 7 days before your tattoo, moisturise in the morning, exfoliate then moisturise in the evening, drink PLENTY of water.
Any exfoliating skin wash is fine, or if you don’t like washing twice a day, grab an exfoliating glove. Easy peasy! Any basic skin moisturiser is fine, e45, cocoa butter, keep it simple.

When your skin is so well hydrated from the inside and the outside, it’s makes the inking so much easier, causing you less pain, and taking us less time… so potentially less painful on the wallet too!

Other tips include the Usual that most people know already. no heavy drinking the night before, a good nights rest, a good meal. More water!
A good multivitamin can always help assist with the healing, especially if you take for a week before and after.

You’ve most likely spent some good money on your tattoo, we will of course do an amazing job on your tattoo.
The pre-care and the after-care is all you. 😘

All the things!

I had a week off. Never doing that again. Came back to find the supply order of gloves and other important things was being used to prop up the printer…:-)

But the guys have a newly built space to work in and they’re happy about that. Looks great too! And I have an office, kind of. That’s right! We’re expanding! I can finally share the news! With brand new treatment rooms, separate piercing room and new reception area, actually, that’s still kinda being built…we are working on it though! So even though it looks like we are not open from the front, I assure you we are!

And we have a new piercer joining us soon, and he’s going to teach me to pierce! Me! I’m so happy.

HI THIS IS Nadz, i wanted to take a moment to talk about all the awesome things going on here at Steelpoint! First of all yes we are open as usual with new treatment rooms! I know people fear change but it’s only cosmetic; nothing has changed with the artists or how we do things.

Secondly we are attending the Croydon Tattoo Art Show! Basically it is a collective of local artists putting our fine works on sale, it is to raise funds for the Sir Philip Greame Youth Club. It’s free entry so no excuses, there will be live music and an opening night bar! Opening night 9th November doors open 6:30pm and it covers the 10th and 11th 10am-4pm so make you way down and tell your friends and family and come and support your local artists.

Also your brave artists at Steelpoint will be taking part in a sponsored skydive for charity so keep them eyes peeled for more information and if you want to see grown men scream and cry whilst hurtling towards the earth then get involved!

And if that isn’t enough Steelpoint is going to be attending the East Coast Tattoo Expo November 17th and 18th Highfields Park, Clacton, Essex! Gayle will be tattooing at the show and there may be some spots available but you must call or email NOW to get in with a chance. It’s a two day expo with live bands bars hogroasts! I mean how nifty does it sound people! Fuck Christmas it’s every year – get yourself down to one or both of these events and show us your support!

It’s all happening!