Tattoo quotes and quoting online

Most Tattoo artists really struggle to quote tattoos online, and (Hopefully) I’ll make a coherent explanation as to why that is.

It’s a common misconception that studios Won’t quote online, just so they can lure you into their lair and force tattoos on you! It’s just not the case, (although I probably shouldn’t speak for all shops there, I won’t be held accountable!) there is no obligation, after we have consulted usually we need to get back to work, you then deal with the receptionists if you decide to book

So, important to know! quotes..they don’t mean anything! Honestly, LESS.THAN.NOTHING.
A Quote can be 20 quid apart, but you have no idea what that artist is thinking about, a simple tattoo can have HUGE differences in quality and detail.
(I really will do a video of this at one point to support with pretty pictures)
Also, fixed rates, hourly rates.. you don’t know how long an artist will take, and I’ve seen tattooers that take twice as long yet add half as much detail. In case I should summarise the message so far: TIME and PRICE mean NOTHING. You really MUST speak to the artist to know what they have in mind for your design (sorry for all the CAPS there, get a litte excited)

People come in with all sorts of designs from search engines,but by chatting in person We can isolate what they really want from the design, we can make it more personal. And show them things they didn’t know were possible.
Especially where skin tones, skin conditions, medication. coverups, moles and scars are concerned. We can work with them of course, but we may want to adapt the design. Which will eat into your time on the day of your booked appointment.
This can take 5 minutes In person, or it can take days of back and forward by messenger. This is so difficult if you are a busy artist, which hopefully your chosen artist will be, because they’re good. If we are in this kind of conversation with three or four potential clients, it’s exhausting! we would have to re-read the whole conversation every time, and when? In the lunch break we rarely get, when we get home instead of seeing the family, during dinner? It’s really hard to balance.

So with all our excellent ideas that we haven’t had time to explain to you and ask you about we may throw out a guess and quote you 200 over Facebook… then another shop quotes you 150! You may not be getting ALL you could for the design. And all for less that the price of a pair of trainers 👟 and a few moments of your previous time.

Also worth noting. More expensive does NOT always mean better either! (Some tattooists have crack to buy) But how will anyone know unless they go in and meet the artists?

In the industry we have two classics for example, the ‘cabbage rose’ and the ‘lady-bits rose’ (last name modified to remain family friendly) this will only be seen once pointed out, rather that gets modified BEFORE you get it booked!

Plus, come into the studio and meet your artist, it’s nice 🤘🏻😁

Trust me

Hey guys, this is my first entry to this blog and there is so much to write about, I can’t believe I’ve left it so long! So let me introduce myself and tell you a little about our wonderful studio Steelpoint.

Actually there are a few exciting things happening here at the moment which I am not even at liberty to discuss yet…but I can’t wait to tell you all.

My name is Anna and you can think of this as a sort of online diary of the day to day experiences in the shop or just things that have been playing on mind I want to share with you. Some of it is funny, some of it is sad, some of it, unbelievable.
Any customer service job is a life experience – the amount of different people you interact with every day, but the tattoo industry isn’t like any other. I don’t know where to start. Firstly, people get tattoos for many different reasons and since you can get pretty much anything under the sun I find I end up educating clients when helping them come to a decision. Now this might mean losing a customer sometimes, or it might mean the difference between making money and making art. When I say the tattoo industry isn’t like any other type of business the main difference I am referring to is the type of service we offer. You do still get an occasional, “this is what I want, this is how I want it, I want it now and I will pay this much and you do it for me, yes?” You might say, well what’s wrong with that? It is important to understand that it’s within the studios best interest, too, that you walk out with the best tattoo; after all, it’s our reputation that has ensured we stay open all these years.

It’s funny how people assume (and we all do it) that what you see in your head is what the person you are speaking to is imagining also. Of course not! We’re not mind readers, and a picture tells a thousand words (I love that phrase) so that’s why visual information is so important when a person comes in the shop and describes what it is that they want in ten words or less. Let me guess, in “normal” sized writing, what IS that? Other people come armed to the teeth with images and that’s great! When you haven’t found exactly what you want and would like the artist to draw your idea a certain way, they are gonna be more likely to draw exactly what you were envisioning and even exceed your expectations that way. Sometimes you may find exactly what you are looking for in a flash book, but it is really important that you communicate with your tattooist and its both of your responsibilities to make sure you’re on the same exact page before you start.

Examples of bird tattoos.


Quite often I meet people who seem to have been bullied into getting something done because they were too scared to speak up and now they walk around with a tattoo they are not happy with. Yes cover ups and re-works are possible but it’s always better to get it right the first time.

Another thing I will say, which doesn’t sit right with first timers especially, is that there is an element of trust involved, in any transaction really, but definitely in tattooing. But I see it time and time again, when that person who was maybe apprehensive at first, just go for it and they are so happy with it, they are coming back for another one giving us more artistic freedom quote “because I trust you.”