Tattoo pre-care.

If there was a way to make your Tattoo quicker, less painful, look more amazing and heal faster. Would you want to know?

Of course!
A few very simple top tips:
For 7 days before your tattoo, moisturise in the morning, exfoliate then moisturise in the evening, drink PLENTY of water.
Any exfoliating skin wash is fine, or if you don’t like washing twice a day, grab an exfoliating glove. Easy peasy! Any basic skin moisturiser is fine, e45, cocoa butter, keep it simple.

When your skin is so well hydrated from the inside and the outside, it’s makes the inking so much easier, causing you less pain, and taking us less time… so potentially less painful on the wallet too!

Other tips include the Usual that most people know already. no heavy drinking the night before, a good nights rest, a good meal. More water!
A good multivitamin can always help assist with the healing, especially if you take for a week before and after.

You’ve most likely spent some good money on your tattoo, we will of course do an amazing job on your tattoo.
The pre-care and the after-care is all you. 😘